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Jaguar Contract Cleaning Services Limited was established in 2009 and we have over 15 years of experience in servicing the requirements of leading Estate Management Companies, Schools, Private Companies and Local Authorities within its management structure.
Jaguar was formed to provide a cleaning service that not only meets but exceeds client expectations.
Who We Are...

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Justin Richards
(Managing Director)
I have been in the cleaning business for 15 years and the service sector for over 25 years.

I have worked as a Sales Manager and Operations Manager / Director for some of the largest and most successful companies in the cleaning industry. It is with this experience I formed Jaguar Contract Cleaning Services Limited.

     As owner of the company my concept and vision is to provide the professionalism of a large blue chip organization with the caring attitude of a small local cleaning company.

I formed this idea after I noticed that large companies can offer clients a multi service solution, but have no real interest in maintaining a long term relationship, as they have a ‘revolving door of clients’ and assume that if they lose your contract today, they will replace it with another one tomorrow.

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Jaguar is able to offer the best cleaning service at a realistic cost due to our professional knowledge and experience that is gained from many years of cleaning services and the utilisation of British Institute of Cleaning Science methods.


We have never lost a contract and we have a passion for turning around failing cleaning teams’ services by providing the care and dedication to train, motivate and manage all of our staff.


We welcome a challenge and ask that you give us a chance to show you the right way, “Purrrfect Cleaning” The Jaguar way.




We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to our clients and believe we are only as good as our last clean.
This forms the ethos of our company and our determination to be a cleaning supplier that cares for and looks after our customers.
For the Institute of Customer Service "Customer service is the sum total of what an organisation does to meet customer expectations and produce customer satisfaction".

Having done business with hundreds of clients and customers, we are aware of the failings of other companies. Do you recognise these issues, if so, why not give us a call?

♦ Do you have constantly changing cleaning staff? --This causes issues with standards of cleanliness and site security.
♦ When did you last see your cleaning company’s representative? -- If you are not seeing them, the chances are your cleaners aren’t either, therefore, how keen will the cleaners be to perform? Would you give 100% all the time if no one checked your work?
♦ Do you have all of the necessary legislative paperwork in place? -- This is a potential ticking time bomb waiting to explode, what happens if the cleaner doesn’t secure the premises correctly? What happens if the cleaner electrocutes themselves or you? What happens if the cleaner doesn’t utilise good health and safety practice and causes a slip or trip hazard? Are you insured and covered for this?
♦ Are you fed up of mentioning the same issues time after time to your provider only to find that things improve for a couple of weeks and then slip back down again? The ‘Rollercoaster’ method... (The cleaning manager/supervisor addresses the issue at the time, but no long term solution to the issue is put in place).
♦ Do you complain to your provider only to be ignored and nothing ever changes? The ‘Ostrich’ method... (The cleaning provider buries their head in the sand and hopes that your complaint will go away).

Jaguar Contract Cleaning Services - Delivering Purrrfect Cleaning

Key to customer service is getting all members of your organisation to embrace it through training and development, at individual and team level. Creating a culture of customer satisfaction starts with effective management and leadership and having clear measures for customer satisfaction in all aspects of the business.

Jaguar Contract Cleaning Services provides regular cleaning checks designed to maximise the performance of our cleaning operatives and to stop issues occurring. This way we can ensure the minimal impact of cleaning problems at your site and ensure customer satisfaction. We call it Purrrfect Cleaning. But don’t take our words for it.
What Our Customers Say About Us...
“12 months ago I needed to change our cleaning company; I spoke to various companies’ including Jaguar Contract Cleaning Services. Arranged a meeting and really liked their can do and customer care attitude, we have now been using them for the past 12 months with no problems or issues always reliable, polite and will do approach to our cleaning”. (TIM ARSCOTT – TRIMARK LTD)

“Jaguar Contract Cleaning Services are a professional cleaning company with a down to earth attitude and approach. Their work philosophy from the top down is very customer service orientated and their friendly approach makes resolving cleaning problems that much easier. I have found the site cleaners to be honest and reliable and this must partly be attributed to the fact that being a small owner based company they care about their client’s views; which is a welcome attitude in comparison to larger companies that have delusions of grandeur and no real customer care. Overall I do not hesitate to recommend and endorse Justin’s company Jaguar Contract Cleaning Services Ltd they get the job done to the standards required”. (RICHARD BEENHAM – CHRISANNE LTD)

“I would whole-heartedly recommend Jaguar Contract Cleaning Services. Jaguar has looked after our offices for the last two years and have always been reliable, thorough, trustworthy and nice to deal with. They do what they say”. (WILLIAM CARR - VERTAL LTD RECYCLING)

"We manage a large number of residential developments and have increasingly used Jaguar on our portfolio, most recently entrusting them with some of the larger more difficult sites to manage. The level of cleaning at all these sites is exceptional; they work to a consistently high standard and will always address any issues that arise, going out of their way to help. I have found Justin to be very professional and exceptionally responsive; I would recommend Jaguar for any future cleaning contract requirements". (ANDY MCLAY - HAZELVINE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LTD)

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